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Who we are

When you first arrive in Bahrain, it is fun to discover on your own, but it is often useful to know the best places and experiences in this country from a reliable source. That’s why we decided to set up a Bahraini team company, interested in professional service for guests, taking care of their demands and working on their comfort. From limousine, car rental, transportation and private drivers to call center staff to help you with modern hotel and restaurant booking services and event tickets, just make sure we’ll be happy to serve you.

At United, we always strive for the excellent reputation that our Clients know, so we take care of the finest details and strive to ensure maximum comfort for our Clients, working to provide trained and long experienced crews and emphasizing the imposition of rules that oblige our employees to confirm how much we care about our reputation and care for our Clients.

Our services

What we do


Whether you need a private tour to enjoy in the Kingdom of Bahrain and move to any of the malls in the Kingdom of Bahrain and events, the United team will provide you with multiple options from the fleet of vehicles including luxury, economy and buses.

Car Rentel

With continuous renovation and keeping abreast of the latest models and choosing the best cars, we are happy to offer daily, monthly and annual car rental plans in Bahrain, with easy and fast procedures.


Simply put, we make the difference by choosing our resort partners, hotels and hotel apartments, and we are happy to help you book various accommodations between cheap and luxury that meet all your needs.


Discover Bahrain through a sightseeing tour, ranging from the capital Manama to highlights, history, ancient castles and popular markets, you can also choose your tour program or let's arrange it for you.


In landing and taking off, transfer from one place to another, or even transfer between GCC countries, we make this easy through our professionally trained drivers and our varied and high-quality vehicles.

Valet Parking

As part of the luxury that we are keen to provide to our guests and clients, we introduce the valet parking team whose primary responsibility is to park and retrieve guest cars, greet guests, give proper farewell, assist guests with luggage, and provide directions.

Our Fleet

Wide Options

We have selected this fleet based on our customers’ requests, if you prefer to drive yourself or use your trusted driver, we are happy to provide you with the best services and help you choose what suits your needs.


We cater for all requests.


What They Say

We are happy to serve you.

Our call center team is always ready to provide extra effort to serve you better and take care of all your requests.