About Us

Get to know Professional Limousine Service and Rental Car Company in Bahrain.

Our Story

When you first arrive in Bahrain, it is fun to discover on your own, but it is often useful to know the best places and experiences in this country from a reliable source. That’s why we decided to set up a Bahraini team company, interested in professional service for guests, taking care of their demands and working on their comfort. From limousine, car rental, transportation and private drivers to call center staff to help you with modern hotel and restaurant booking services and event tickets, just make sure we’ll be happy to serve you.

At United, we always strive for the excellent reputation that our Clients know, so we take care of the finest details and strive to ensure maximum comfort for our Clients, working to provide trained and long experienced crews and emphasizing the imposition of rules that oblige our employees to confirm how much we care about our reputation and care for our Clients.

Professional Drivers

Crew of qualified drivers with long experience.

Luxury Vehicles

Fleet of cars, perfectly suited to your needs.

Exceptional Experience

Services that exceed Client expectations.


We are happy to serve you.

Our call center team is always ready to provide extra effort to serve you better and take care of all your requests.